“Our company is founded on August 1, 1990 in order to produce ladies textiles products to export especially to Canada. But economic fluctuations never let that purpose to realize in Turkey during those years. Instead, Our company imported video games and spare parts of video games machines from South Korea and Singapoure and started to produce video game machines. ”

With continuing years our company has added its product line the products of three Companies originated from United States of America. At present, Dalya Dış Ticaret ve Tekstil San. Ltd. Şti. is an Distributor of CTi (Concrete Technology Incorporated ), Authorised Affiliate of EASI ( Energy Automation Systems, Incorporated) and a Distributor of SWEPCO (Southwestern Petroleum Corporation) and representatives in Turkey.
      CTi;To shape the concrete restoration and beautification industry both today and into the future, by continually building a network of highly motivated and aggressive entrepreneurs who represent Concrete Technology Inc. CTi prides itself on training and inspiring its Dealers to be the leaders in the industry along with providing a level of service that others are either unable or unwilling to offer. It is CTi's belief that this group of individuals is the engine that will propel the company into its future.
      EASI is a multi-faceted electrical engineering company dedicated to reducing customer’s electric bills.Since 1978, EASI develops turn key projects for our clients by installing energy conservation equipment that minimizes out of pocket cost, and maximizes return from cash flow. Clients typically see any where from 30 % to 50 % R.O.I.
      EASI fully guarantees every projected savings commitment made in the course of a project,bid, design, development and implementation.Guarantee underwritten by Great American Insurance Group, ‘A’ Rated,Excellent by AM best.
      SWEPCO has ensured customers of our quality and reliability since 1933. SWEPCO lubricants are scientifically formulated to serve you well today and tomorrow as the most technologically advanced lubricants available.
      Highest quality base stocks are used in all SWEPCO products, giving them the cutting edge that makes them the best.
      SWEPCO presents diesel oil and gasoline improvers to your service that saves your fuel costs, cleans your fuel delivering systems and motor parts, cuts maintenance and replacement costs, improves motor efficiency and performance prolonging the motor life.

      Dalya Dış Ticaret ve Tekstil San.Ltd. Şti. is proud to serve you with our CTi, EASI and SWEPCO products that we are believing to conribute the economy of our country.

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